Herbalife products are famous food supplements which are highly discussed from the beginning of their distribution. Some praise it for success stories proving that it helps people to lose weight. Others blame it for being not efficient and what is more – for causing heart arrhythmia. All of that and some more things to discuss are right below.

History of Herbalife

Herbalife was created in 1980 by Mark Hughes who began to sell it from the trunk of his car. It became popular not only in USA but also outside it and began to give big revenue to the company. A part of which is always donated to the organization helping children (Herbalife family foundation). Herbalife offers the variaty of nutritional, weight management products as well as beauty formulas such as skin care and hair care.These food supplements include many vitamins and herbs such as aloe vera or vitamin C. Some of Herbalife products used to have a herb containing ephedrine. As there was a case of young woman who suffered cardiac arrest while using Herbalife (though Food and Drug Administration did not state Herbalife as the reason), ephedrin was stoped to use.

Herbalife for sportsmen

Now about separate products of Herbalife. To begin with the formula designed for sportsmen. This product line provides you with 30 grams of protein as well as herbs, nutrients and carbohydrates giving the energy for the muscles to work.

Herbalife for children

Herbaline series for children has what to offer you. Main products would be Dinomins Herbalife and Kindermins Herbalife. The first one is chewable vitamins for kids from two years age. Various shapes and fruity taste is really attractive for children who usually do not like to take vitamins at all. Dinomins Herbalife will provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy our youngster’s growth. Kindermins Herbalife are liquid vitamins for kids up to three years. It is tasty and healthy at the same time. It provides your child with the needed vitamins also the herbs containing Kindermins Herbalife regulates his (her) digestive system. If the kid still doesn’t want to take these vitamins each day you can easily add it to the daily meal or drink.

Herbalife for your heart

Heart health can be achieved by using the Herbalife products which consist of herbs, omega -3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. You have a choice from these supplements: Cardio Toconox Herbalife, Herbalifeline Herbaline, New&Improved Mega Garlic Plus Herbalife and Niteworks Herbalife. Toconox includes a powerful component of vitamin E together with coenzyme Q10 , olive-leaf extract also rice oil to support energy and heart health. Herbalifeline which has omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for the heart and also the joints. So it is just a perfect way to add so needed omega-3 to your daily life. New & Improved Mega Garlic Plus supports cardiovascular and immune systems. It also has antioxidant features and vegetable extracts for good health. Niteworks helps you wake up in the morning with no feeling of fatigue by helping the blood circulation.

Herbalife for your eyes

Eye health can be improved by using Ocular Defense Formula. As during the years vision gets worse you do have to remember to take care of that in advance. Ocular Defense Formula contains ingredients such as bilberry extract to maintain eyes safe from damage.

Herbalife also can offer you a Snack Pack of soups, bars, drinks and soy nuts. So you can stay solid and healthy at the same time. For those who need to fight with their fatigue and improve concentration can try Liftoff. It contains vitamin C, B6 and B12 as well as taurine, caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba extract just in one energy drink tablet. Worth to try!

Herbalife for men

Men’solutions main benefits are as follows: helps to fight with prostate and sexual potential. Male factor 1000 is a supplement for muscle strength and increased stamina. Mega Ginseng Blend contains four of the finest ginsengs in the world helping to fight mental and physical fatigue and is good for general well-being. Prelox blue is created for male sexual enhancement promoting desire and vitality. Help for prostate can provide the nutritional supplement called Ultimate Prostate Formula.

To sum up regardless some negative opinion concerning Herbalife production in general it helps to reduce weight as well as keep other parts of the body healthy not only for men and women but also for children. Together with Herbalife you can reduce stress and raise your energy, help your tired eyes and skin and also your soul.

Herbalife and weight loss

Herbalife is the name for success. Its history began in 1980 and still continues to be popular in the whole wide world. Its distributors are located in sixty different countries. The company’s founder Mark Hughes created the weight management system which is now supplemented also by the whole range products for your well being. So basically Mark Hughes mission to help people lose weight safely and effectively has been completed. Now Herbalife can offer any regular consumer whatever he (she) needs.

Mark Hughes experienced a personal drama before Herbalife got into the distributor’s hands. His mother died from the unsuccessful dieting. So from that event he strived to create a safe weight management system. For this purpose he got to China to study the beneficial features of herbs. After he came back to the United States there gathered a trustful circle of scientists around him who helped to create Herbalife products.

Mark Hughes of course was the first distributor and the first exceptional products were sold out directly to the customers from the trunk of his car. People tried and the results were amazing. They really helped to lose weight. That’s why Herbalife began to expand. The passion and the belief that products are really efficient impel him to spread outside the United States.

Herbalife products

The main Herbalife products were Formula #1 a meal replacement protein drink mix, Formula #2 a herbal tablet and Formula #3 mineral and multivitamin tablet. They were the part of Slim and Trim program which is now known as Herbalife Cellular Nutrition Health and Weight Management System.

Facts about herbalife

Two years later Herbalife was accused of misappropriate information. That is to say Herbalife promised not only to help lose weight but also cure from various diseases (remove swells or increase the circulation and cause mental alertness) which happened to be not true. What is more the company began to receive more and more letters with people complaining about side effects of Herbalife products (nausea, headaches, constipation, abnormal heart beat and diarrhea). Basically on the labels there was mentioned that individuals may feel some negative symptoms but they are the sign of body is improving. There were some cases brought at court with the complaint that Herbalife products have harmed individuals. Many products of Herbalife seemed to have laxative features and others included herb which contains a lot of caffeine. Regarding all those issues there were two days Senate hearings. So Herbalife stopped to me a miracle dieting pill which promised to cure from almost everything. The company agreed to pay a fine and it stopped using some of the ingredients in their products.

Still Herbalife can be proud of many success stories of how it helped to fight with the obesity. Some people are satisfied some not. As weight loss is a very individual program it is a natural thing that the results differ. Last year Herbalife celebrated its silver anniversary for helping people and changing their lives with health and happiness.