Herbalife and weight loss

Herbalife is the name for success. Its history began in 1980 and still continues to be popular in the whole wide world. Its distributors are located in sixty different countries. The company’s founder Mark Hughes created the weight management system which is now supplemented also by the whole range products for your well being. So basically Mark Hughes mission to help people lose weight safely and effectively has been completed. Now Herbalife can offer any regular consumer whatever he (she) needs.

Mark Hughes experienced a personal drama before Herbalife got into the distributor’s hands. His mother died from the unsuccessful dieting. So from that event he strived to create a safe weight management system. For this purpose he got to China to study the beneficial features of herbs. After he came back to the United States there gathered a trustful circle of scientists around him who helped to create Herbalife products.

Mark Hughes of course was the first distributor and the first exceptional products were sold out directly to the customers from the trunk of his car. People tried and the results were amazing. They really helped to lose weight. That’s why Herbalife began to expand. The passion and the belief that products are really efficient impel him to spread outside the United States.

Herbalife products

The main Herbalife products were Formula #1 a meal replacement protein drink mix, Formula #2 a herbal tablet and Formula #3 mineral and multivitamin tablet. They were the part of Slim and Trim program which is now known as Herbalife Cellular Nutrition Health and Weight Management System.

Facts about herbalife

Two years later Herbalife was accused of misappropriate information. That is to say Herbalife promised not only to help lose weight but also cure from various diseases (remove swells or increase the circulation and cause mental alertness) which happened to be not true. What is more the company began to receive more and more letters with people complaining about side effects of Herbalife products (nausea, headaches, constipation, abnormal heart beat and diarrhea). Basically on the labels there was mentioned that individuals may feel some negative symptoms but they are the sign of body is improving. There were some cases brought at court with the complaint that Herbalife products have harmed individuals. Many products of Herbalife seemed to have laxative features and others included herb which contains a lot of caffeine. Regarding all those issues there were two days Senate hearings. So Herbalife stopped to me a miracle dieting pill which promised to cure from almost everything. The company agreed to pay a fine and it stopped using some of the ingredients in their products.

Still Herbalife can be proud of many success stories of how it helped to fight with the obesity. Some people are satisfied some not. As weight loss is a very individual program it is a natural thing that the results differ. Last year Herbalife celebrated its silver anniversary for helping people and changing their lives with health and happiness.


Herbalife products are famous food supplements which are highly discussed from the beginning of their distribution. Some praise it for success stories proving that it helps people to lose weight. Others blame it for being not efficient and what is more – for causing heart arrhythmia. All of that and some more things to discuss are right below.

History of Herbalife

Herbalife was created in 1980 by Mark Hughes who began to sell it from the trunk of his car. It became popular not only in USA but also outside it and began to give big revenue to the company. A part of which is always donated to the organization helping children (Herbalife family foundation). Herbalife offers the variaty of nutritional, weight management products as well as beauty formulas such as skin care and hair care.These food supplements include many vitamins and herbs such as aloe vera or vitamin C. Some of Herbalife products used to have a herb containing ephedrine. As there was a case of young woman who suffered cardiac arrest while using Herbalife (though Food and Drug Administration did not state Herbalife as the reason), ephedrin was stoped to use.

Herbalife for sportsmen

Now about separate products of Herbalife. To begin with the formula designed for sportsmen. This product line provides you with 30 grams of protein as well as herbs, nutrients and carbohydrates giving the energy for the muscles to work.

Herbalife for children

Herbaline series for children has what to offer you. Main products would be Dinomins Herbalife and Kindermins Herbalife. The first one is chewable vitamins for kids from two years age. Various shapes and fruity taste is really attractive for children who usually do not like to take vitamins at all. Dinomins Herbalife will provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy our youngster’s growth. Kindermins Herbalife are liquid vitamins for kids up to three years. It is tasty and healthy at the same time. It provides your child with the needed vitamins also the herbs containing Kindermins Herbalife regulates his (her) digestive system. If the kid still doesn’t want to take these vitamins each day you can easily add it to the daily meal or drink.

Herbalife for your heart

Heart health can be achieved by using the Herbalife products which consist of herbs, omega -3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. You have a choice from these supplements: Cardio Toconox Herbalife, Herbalifeline Herbaline, New&Improved Mega Garlic Plus Herbalife and Niteworks Herbalife. Toconox includes a powerful component of vitamin E together with coenzyme Q10 , olive-leaf extract also rice oil to support energy and heart health. Herbalifeline which has omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for the heart and also the joints. So it is just a perfect way to add so needed omega-3 to your daily life. New & Improved Mega Garlic Plus supports cardiovascular and immune systems. It also has antioxidant features and vegetable extracts for good health. Niteworks helps you wake up in the morning with no feeling of fatigue by helping the blood circulation.

Herbalife for your eyes

Eye health can be improved by using Ocular Defense Formula. As during the years vision gets worse you do have to remember to take care of that in advance. Ocular Defense Formula contains ingredients such as bilberry extract to maintain eyes safe from damage.

Herbalife also can offer you a Snack Pack of soups, bars, drinks and soy nuts. So you can stay solid and healthy at the same time. For those who need to fight with their fatigue and improve concentration can try Liftoff. It contains vitamin C, B6 and B12 as well as taurine, caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba extract just in one energy drink tablet. Worth to try!

Herbalife for men

Men’solutions main benefits are as follows: helps to fight with prostate and sexual potential. Male factor 1000 is a supplement for muscle strength and increased stamina. Mega Ginseng Blend contains four of the finest ginsengs in the world helping to fight mental and physical fatigue and is good for general well-being. Prelox blue is created for male sexual enhancement promoting desire and vitality. Help for prostate can provide the nutritional supplement called Ultimate Prostate Formula.

To sum up regardless some negative opinion concerning Herbalife production in general it helps to reduce weight as well as keep other parts of the body healthy not only for men and women but also for children. Together with Herbalife you can reduce stress and raise your energy, help your tired eyes and skin and also your soul.

Yoga positions

Yoga positions or the so called Yogasanas are the part of Yoga philosophy. Some use the term exercises which is not absolutely correct. During exercises main thing is to move your muscles while during Yoga positions individuals try to achieve steady pose.

Probably you would be interested in how many such positions there exist. Well nobody could give you the right answer as there are many of the states your body can get into. In general positions are divided into standing, sitting, supine and prone. There will be given two examples of each position for you to get an idea.

Standing yoga positions

One of the standing positions is a tree pose (vrikshasana).Steps to achieve it: feel the weight on all for corners of your  feet, take your hands from the sides and raise above the head with the palms joined together. Then begin to stand on your toes and with the raised hands pull the whole body upwards as much as possible and try to keep the balance. It helps to remove the strains.

Half moon pose (ardha chandrasana) is beneficial for ankles, thighs and improves your balance as well. From the standing pose bring your left hand to your hip and the right hand to the floor with the fingertips on the floor. While straightening the right foot kick the left foot up, make it straight and horizontal to the floor tows looking forward. Then feeling balanced enough raise the left arm towards the ceiling making the line with the right hand. Lastly look towards your left hand fingertips. The same is done with the left side.

Sitting yoga positions

The one interesting and challenging sitting pose is monkey pose (hanumasana). It will help you to pull out your groins and keep your legs strong. In order to make it sit kneeling with your thighs vertical to the floor. Pull the right leg straight to the front with the heels on the floor. Begin to slide your left leg behind you. Keep your hips looking forward. Be careful and let your self come down as far as it is comfortable. In other way you can strain your tendons.

Another one to mention is the lotus pose (padmasana). It a Yoga classic pose which is known probably to everyone. It is called so as the legs look like blooming lotus. In the sitting position spread both your legs and keep at a distance of twelve inches. Then bend your left leg in knee and put its toe on the right thigh, do the same with another leg. Also keep your wrists on the appropriate legs.

Supine yoga positions

Speaking about the supine positions one of the well known is legs up the wall (viparitakarani). Lying down begin to raise your legs till you reach the angle of 90 degrees. Then raise your waist pushing the legs backwards. With the help of hands (elbows are placed on the floor) straighten the legs and make the finger toes look to the ceilings. Precautions should be taken for people having heart or high blood pressure problems.

Fish pose (matsyantsana) makes your chest and throught open. In the supine position spread your legs and make them like in lotus pose. With the elbows placed on the floor raise your head and put the top of it on the floor. At the same time hog your back making the shape of the arch and keep the toes with your arms.

Prone yoga positions

The two last examples will reflect the prone position. Vajrasana position is good for your digestive system as creates the pressure in the abdominal area what results in its better functioning. For this position place your both hands back and lock only with the thumbs. Then bend the waist and put your forehead on the floor.

The simple and relaxing one is astashirasana position. You need to bend forward in waist and put your palms on the jaws. In all the positions don’t forget to breath normally and make all the moves slowly.

Yoga clothes are important for feeling good at the time of positions. There are basically no special requirements except clothes have to be comfortable, fit you right, they need to absorb sweat and look good on you.


Some call it philosophy, some just a fitness program, for others it is whole religion. And all of the descriptions contain one name-Yoga. For full understanding of the conception of Yoga you would really need to spend time for that: attend classes, listen and try to feel it on your body and soul. Yoga first of all teaches how to find a harmony in yourself and make body and the mind a unit.

History of Yoga

Introducing you to Yoga here is a little bit of history. Its routs lay down in India. The first mentioning of practicing Yoga is dated back six to seven thousand years ago. It is found in Rig Veda (a collection of oldest scriptures of Hinduism canticles which are dedicated to the Gods) and more detailed information source is known as Upanisads (the part of Vedas – main scriptural texts of Hinduism). It was a new understanding of what man can do that is to say that he together with the mind training and moral culture can become one with the Supreme Being. This conception strives to emphasize the importance of individual’s mind which can help person achieve the appropriate state of it.

The word Yoga it self means, “to unite”. As follows, Yoga in general is a union of mind and body. From the deeper view, it is an individuals union with The Divine through the conjunction of body, mind and soul. Yoga is a man’s journey towards perfection. Modern Yoga has these traditional parts: postures to keep the body fit, introduction to ethical principles, breathing exercises and meditation. Speaking about the goals of Yoga they are different. For some people it is the way to be closer to God. Buddhism claims that Yoga might make deeper your wisdom and compassion. In simple terms it strives for the simple happiness. Isn’t that what everybody wants?

Basic yoga principles

The five principles of Yoga are proper exercise (asanas), breathing (pranayama), relaxation (savasana), vegetarian diet, positive thinking (vedanta) and meditation. Some words about each of them. Probably everyone is familiar with the so called strange and seems impossible postures of Yoga practitioners. To let you know it is not just a package of fitness exercises. It is a developed culture of physical moves. Actually, the term asanas itself means steady pose. According to that during Yoga practice all the posses are held for some time.  It helps to develop your body flexibility and strength especially it is good for your spine.

Yoga class

While taking Yoga classes you will be taught to breathe in particular way. It is a full breathing bringing the air to the lowest part of the lungs. It is slow and deep. It is thought that such breathing controls prana – the energy of the breath. In this the body is depurated from negative thoughts and stress.

Relaxation is an important part of person’s life. Seems it is forgotten. Modern society wastes too much energy trying to relax. That’s why Yoga says: do not let your anger and anxiety ruin the energy you accumulate. Yoga teaches physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. Though it is called physical relaxation it is closely involved with mind. Together with thoughts you can help every muscle of your body to relax. Having mental strain breath slowly for a few minutes and soon you mind will go loosened. The highest level of relaxation is when reaching the one of spiritual sense by reaching a pure consciousness. The Yoga diet is vegetarian. It consist only natural food which helps to promote health. Why vegetarian you would ask. Sun is the source of energy for the planet and what grows on it. Animals which eat the plant and are eaten by others are of “second hand” value. That is why vegetarian products are most beneficial. As it is believed that the food we eat has an effect on our mind it is recommended to consume the products which keeps the mind calm. Yoga practitioners avoid meat, fish,eggs, onions, coffee, tea, and alcohol.

Positive thinking and meditation can take you to perfect concentration where doesn’t exist time or space. Where peace and happiness exist. This is the mind’s journey towards quiet mind and beyond it. As meditation is a separate topic and basically a deep and broad one here it will not be discussed.

Yoga paths

Last thing to mention is Yoga paths. There is Karma Yoga or the so called Yoga of Action or Service. It is based on the principle that all your actions now are a result of actions in the past. So if you try to behave selfless, with no negativity you will affect your future the same way. Bhakti Yoga or Yoga of Devotion is the main path followed in India. It leads to the heart and devotion, to God. Jnana Yoga or Yoga of knowledge or wisdom considers the knowledge and intellect very important to keep the mind open to other religions. Raja Yoga or Yoga of self control teaches to control the body, mind and spirit (usually through meditation).Hatha Yoga is Yoga of postures which was presented in the beginning. Tantra Yoga or Yoga of rituals is well known for one part of it – sex. Through Tantra Yoga you will learn to find sacred sides in everything we do.

Slim fast diet meals

The slim fast diet encourages you to be creative. You can mix and match your favorite food to create different sensible meals every day.

There has been around 30 clinical studies on the slim fast diet which showed that it may be an effective way for weight loss , also it creates healthy eating habits for the rest of your life, keeps you active and helps to struggle with the risk factors for many diseases.

Here is day’s menu with the slim fast:

Breakfast: slim fast optima strawberry cheesecake meal bar.

For lunch you can enjoy slim fast optima shake and a half turkey sandwich.

Dinner suppose to be a 500-600 caloric intake. First of all half of your plate has to be filled with vegetables( carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, peppers or mushrooms), ¼ should consist lean protein such as chicken breast, fish or lean beef and ¼ of starch (potatoes, corn, pasta, rice or bread), also some salad and fruits for desert.

If you do feel hungry after some time please welcome to try one of the snacks. Seems easy and tasty.

Slim fast diet

Slim fast diet is a subject to hot discussions. Some blame it, some praise it. Probably the best thing to do is to try your self and look if it works. Here would be provided basic information like what is the basis of this diet, main components and their combinations, some positive and negative nutritionists opinions.

Slim fast diet background

The background of slim fast diet lies on meal replacement shakes and healthy snacks as well as daily activity. Shake in the morning, shake for lunch and a sensible dinner. Basically you are allowed three meals a day and some snacks. Usually snack stands for two pieces of fruits and a Slim Fast nutrition bar which keeps your energy. Snacks are recommended to be sixty to ninety or hundred to hundred and fifty calories. First group of calories would contain to for example one hard boiled egg, one ounce of low fat cheese or two cups of popped popcorn without butter. Another snack group appears in lets say one cup of non-fat yogurt , one cup low-fat soup or the same Slim Fast bar.

At the first sight diet shakes, one dinner and some snacks look like not in a very balanced way. Though experts claim that when you combine all of them you can get a portion of nutrition your body needs to stay healthy and energetic. Plus it would help to control your calorie and fat intake.

Slim fast diet tips

Slim fast diet asks to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Minimum 30 minutes of physical activity is essential. A sensible dinner should contain around 60 calories. Your total calories a day has to be minimum 1200. As it was mentioned before very low calorie intakes can lower your metabolism so be sure to consume enough of them. A good thing to do is to write the so called food diary where you could always keep a record of all your food eaten. In this case you will really see where you cheat your self and where you can improve. So be honest.

Slim fast diet advantages

The most commonly named advantages are as follows. Slim fast diet is easy to keep on, snacking and loosing weight are compatible, this diet will not cause you a hunger, it already counts all your calories, it is convenient, it doesn’t contain any stimulants or appetite suppressants, it can be proud of the variety of food you can eat which provides you with vitamins, minerals and fiber at the same time.

Disadvantage of slim fast diet

A minus to slim fast diet some nutritionist put for too much sugar in those shakes, expensiveness and low caloric limit as to a long term weight loss diet. On the other hand the results for some participants are just remarkable. One of the studies showed that this diet not only contributes to losing weight but also keep it off for ten years.

The idea of losing weight is as simple as this. 3,500 calories are equal to 1 pound of fat. So in order to lose one pound in a week you need to cut off 500 calories from your daily caloric intake for a week. In addition to this you must be aware of that losing weight is very individual. Depending on many factors some people loose it faster some slower. Please be patient!

Popular calorie diets

There are some popular calorie diets , which women choose to reach the desirable weight. Let’s review each of them.

1000 calorie diet

1000 calorie diet is supposed to be a low calorie diet . It can be used as a starter diet. After one week of 1000 calorie diet it is recommended to come back to not such severe one. As this will protect your metabolism to slow down and conserve fats.

To get an idea of 1000 calories per day, here is the menu sample:

Breakfast: banana sandwich made with two slices of whole meal bread and a glass of orange juice.

Morning snack: 100g low fat yoghourt.

For lunch it could be one whole meal roll with tuna and mixed lettuce salad.

Snack: 1 bag of lower fat crisps.

Dinner: roast chicken breast, potatoes mashed with 30 ml semi skimmed milk, steamed vegetables.

For the evening you could try 1 low calorie chocolate drink made with water. Drinks per day should be with no sugar: water, tea, coffee.

1200 calorie diet

For those who think 1000 calorie diet does not work, try 1200 calorie diet. Nutrition specialists think that using 1200 calories a day seems to be nutritious and is a base of most developed meal plans. It is important to stress the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in such diet . It is suppose to be 55% of carbohydrates, 15% of protein and 30% of fat. As an example of 1200 calories diet could be: 6 ounces lean meat, 5 servings bread or starch, 3 servings fruit, 4 or more serving vegetables, 2 servings low fat dairy, 3 servings fat. Accordingly a serving of bread is equal to 1 slice of it or ½ bagel or ½ muffin. Speaking about serving of fruit, it could be 1 medium apple, banana or orange or ½ cup berries or cubed melon. A serving for vegetables means 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables or ½ cup of other vegetables. A serving for dairy is 1 cup of milk or yoghourt or 1 ounce of cheese.

1500 calorie diet

If you want to slim without strongly restricting your daily menu, choose 1500 calorie diet. This means that you can enjoy the beginning of new day with a toast(with 1 table spoon of butter and 2 table spoons of honey or jam) and 1 cup skim milk. As a snack it may be 1 serving fruit. Lunch can consist of  salad bar, 1 table spoon of beans, 2 table spoons of light dressing and one cup of skimmed milk. If you feel hunger in a while, eat 8 ounces of fat free yoghourt. Your dinner can be 3 ounces of seasoned chicken breast., 1 baked potato topped with 2 table spoons butter and 1 table spoon sour cream, also 1 cup deep green salad with 2 table spoons light ranch dressing, for the desert you can taste ½ cup of fat-free ready made pudding.

The negative calorie diet

The last thing to discuss is so called negative calorie diet. This is a non scientifically proved theory that some food has negative calorie effect. In other words such food take up more energy to digest then the calories that are in them. In such way speed of your metabolism increases and you start losing your way. Individuals who believe negative diet really works, recommend to eat such food as broccoli, asparagus, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, clams, chile peppers, spinach, turnip, cranberries, apples, oranges, lettuce, grapefruit, pineapples, strawberries, onions. One more thing – these products are eaten in their natural state, no cooking or adding butter. Individuals against this diet state that it has no scientific proof what makes it more theoretical than practical. Also it could be very difficult to stick to it for those who are not vegetarians, because negative calorie diet lies mainly on fruits and vegetables bases.

Low calorie diet

Low calorie diet requires constant calorie counting and is good no longer than for a week or too. If using longer it can affect your health because low calorie diet is restricted from 800 to 1000 calories a day. It is a frequent choice of those who suffer from obesity and is strictly not recommended for pregnant women, adolescent nor children. The result is 2-3 kilograms a week or in total of 30 kilograms in 12 weeks.

There is no specific food permitted. The content must be of low-calorie. That is to say you are welcome to include steamed broccoli, small potatoes, steamed brown rice, low fat margarine, light salad dressing and other food to your new ration.

Advantage of low calorie diet

The advantage of low calorie diet is that if using it moderately it is the healthiest way for weight lose . Also you get a great variety of foods containing main nutrients. As disadvantages of it can be named temporary weakness, not easy to follow, quick gain of weight again, counting calories also can become frustrating.

Dear dieters, do not trick yourself. Eating smaller portions of the same highly processed, calorie-rich foods may lead to hunger and only temporary lose of weight. As well as such food has pure nutrients and is no good for your health. You can be surprised that by eating nutrients rich products you can lose weight even if it is more food.

Staying on low calorie diet is especially difficult as the body needs to adapt to new regime. So please be aware that first days you will probably feel hunger. You need to live through it. Do not avoid food which is not so easy to digest (whole grain bread, potatoes) and which will keep your stomach full. As it was mentioned low calorie diet needs calorie counting, so please work out them, do not guess because you can be wrong. Find the products you would really enjoy, as it is very important you to be in a good mood while being on a diet.

Calorie diet

There exist many diets which are great help for those who decided to lose weight. One of such is calorie diet . As it is obvious from its name, calorie diet is based on certain amount of calories you can consume during a day. It includes a thorough work: calorie counting. The rule is simple: eat less calories than your body needs or in other words than you burn and you will start to lose your weight. Of course it is not so simple as it seems from the first sight. It will require a lot of will and strengths and probably the advice of nutritionist, because the diet, which suits to one individual, can be completely in no use for another person.

Calorie diet terminology

First, let’s touch some terminology. What is a calorie? A calorie is a unit of energy-producing potential supplied by food equal to the amount of energy required to raise a temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1degree of Celsius at one atmosphere pressure. When the food burns, the energy is released in the form of heat. The amount of heat given off show how many calories the food has. The biggest part of calories is used for keeping us a live. We take calories from food and burn them in the process of living. These calories are called Basic metabolic rate (BMR). The second part of calories is used for physical activity. The rest of them are used to process the food. It is suppose to be 10 percent of calories intake, for example if you eat 1800 calories, 180 calories of which are used to absorb the food.

Estimated BMR formula: convert your weight in pounds to kilograms (1kg = 2.2 pounds); women need to multiply this number by 0.9 and then by 24 while men multiply weight in kilograms just by 24. Furthermore nutritionists take the estimated BMR and multiply it by an activity factor. The latter varies from 1.3 for sedentary lifestyles, to 1.7 for moderate activity and 1.9 for heavy activity. To continue with in order to begin loosing your weight you need to deduct 500 calories from the total number of calories needed to sustain your weight.

Calorie diet requirements

Some general things to take into consideration if you decide to try a diet. First, your calorie diet should include more vegetables and fruits. The portions should become smaller. Things to avoid: foods that are high in fat and calories as well as the ones which are high in sugar. Make a plan of what you eat a day before. Take your time, do not watch TV or read newspapers at the time of eating.

Depending on all things mentioned before, also your gender and age, you are entitled to choose one of these popular calorie diets : low calorie diet , 1000 calorie diet, 1200 calorie diet and 1500 calorie diet. Also it will be mentioned some things about negative calorie diet.

Healthy eating

“The one day super diet”, “9 products to add to your diet”, “lose your weight in 7 days” and lots of other titles are glimmering in almost every magazine these days. It seems that the society overindulge the food and everyone must pay attention on weight loss and become happier. Is it true and what healthy eating is made from also why it is so important  – these are the topics we will try to discuss now. Of course nutrition is the whole science that is why we will give you just some guidelines and also remind you some things you already know.

The way you eat the way you are – the way you feel. What is healthy and what you need to eat also what is better to avoid depends individually (according to weight, gender, activity level, the age). On the other hand scientific research shows that healthy way of living is first of all based on every day exercising. That is to say healthy eating is not just choosing some sort of “right” products, it also includes physical activity. It will help you to get in shape and at the same time prevent yourself from chronic diseases.

Eat healthy

To continue no one knows you better than yourself. So analyze your eating habits. Does your daily ration includes vegetables and fruits more than potato chips and sweets? Do you start your day with doughnuts or bagels or do you choose oatmeal or lets say whole-wheat bread?All the questions should give you the answer if you are a healthy eater.

Healthy eating pyramid

Harvard school of Public health  faculty members built the Healthy Eating Pyramid which reflects the nutrition advice in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This document helps an average person to choose a healthy diet . According to it controlling weight is very important. They emphasize to limit sugar intake and take into consideration the benefits of whole grains.

Whole grains are the best sources of carbohydrates, so eating for example oatmeal, whole-wheat bread and brown rice will keep your energy. What happens? The body can’t digest whole grains so quickly, this keeps blood sugar and insulin levels from rising and falling too quickly. In this way you’ll avoid hunger, also it may prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

It is well know that Americans get one third of their calories from fat. Though not all fat are so bad. Plant oils are the good ones which helps to improve cholesterol level and protect heart from rhythm problems. So please welcome olive , canola, soy, corn, sunflower, peanut and other vegetable oils to your ration.

Fruits and vegetables are strongly recommended at your table 2-3 time per day. They will protect you not only from many diseases  also they are sweet and tasty to eat;)

Your body also needs protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Take into account the nuts and legumes are the perfect sources of all mentioned. Speaking about dairy products you have to be aware that three glasses of whole milk can add you 300 calories. For the ones who enjoy dairy products it is better to choose low-fat or no-fat.

Red meat and butter are on the top of Healthy Eating Pyramid. That means you have to try not to eat them every day and better switch to fish or chicken and olive oil. White rice, white bread, potatoes, soda and sweets cause a fast increase in blood sugar and suppose to be a rare component of your daily ration.

It is important to stress that basically a healthy eating is based on a variety of foods. You can eat everything just in a right proportion. Try to choose foods that are better for your health more often.

We would like to remind you about salt intakes. The higher they are  the higher persons blood pressure will be. It is recommended to include not more than 2,300 mg of sodium in your healthy diet. This amount of sodium is found in one teaspoon of salt. Lots of sodium comes from processed foods, for example ham or canned soup. So instead if sodium-rich foods choose the ones with much potassium ( it reduces the effects of salt on blood pressure). Leafy green vegetables, root vegetables and fruits such as oranges, bananas, cantaloupes and melons are rich of potassium.

To sum up, healthy eating will simply contribute to your health. So find the balance between the food you take and physical activity and do not forget to get the most nutrition out of your calories.