Slim fast diet meals

The slim fast diet encourages you to be creative. You can mix and match your favorite food to create different sensible meals every day.

There has been around 30 clinical studies on the slim fast diet which showed that it may be an effective way for weight loss , also it creates healthy eating habits for the rest of your life, keeps you active and helps to struggle with the risk factors for many diseases.

Here is day’s menu with the slim fast:

Breakfast: slim fast optima strawberry cheesecake meal bar.

For lunch you can enjoy slim fast optima shake and a half turkey sandwich.

Dinner suppose to be a 500-600 caloric intake. First of all half of your plate has to be filled with vegetables( carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, peppers or mushrooms), ¼ should consist lean protein such as chicken breast, fish or lean beef and ¼ of starch (potatoes, corn, pasta, rice or bread), also some salad and fruits for desert.

If you do feel hungry after some time please welcome to try one of the snacks. Seems easy and tasty.

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