Slim fast diet meals

The slim fast diet encourages you to be creative. You can mix and match your favorite food to create different sensible meals every day.

There has been around 30 clinical studies on the slim fast diet which showed that it may be an effective way for weight loss , also it creates healthy eating habits for the rest of your life, keeps you active and helps to struggle with the risk factors for many diseases.

Here is day’s menu with the slim fast:

Breakfast: slim fast optima strawberry cheesecake meal bar.

For lunch you can enjoy slim fast optima shake and a half turkey sandwich.

Dinner suppose to be a 500-600 caloric intake. First of all half of your plate has to be filled with vegetables( carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, peppers or mushrooms), ¼ should consist lean protein such as chicken breast, fish or lean beef and ¼ of starch (potatoes, corn, pasta, rice or bread), also some salad and fruits for desert.

If you do feel hungry after some time please welcome to try one of the snacks. Seems easy and tasty.

Slim fast diet

Slim fast diet is a subject to hot discussions. Some blame it, some praise it. Probably the best thing to do is to try your self and look if it works. Here would be provided basic information like what is the basis of this diet, main components and their combinations, some positive and negative nutritionists opinions.

Slim fast diet background

The background of slim fast diet lies on meal replacement shakes and healthy snacks as well as daily activity. Shake in the morning, shake for lunch and a sensible dinner. Basically you are allowed three meals a day and some snacks. Usually snack stands for two pieces of fruits and a Slim Fast nutrition bar which keeps your energy. Snacks are recommended to be sixty to ninety or hundred to hundred and fifty calories. First group of calories would contain to for example one hard boiled egg, one ounce of low fat cheese or two cups of popped popcorn without butter. Another snack group appears in lets say one cup of non-fat yogurt , one cup low-fat soup or the same Slim Fast bar.

At the first sight diet shakes, one dinner and some snacks look like not in a very balanced way. Though experts claim that when you combine all of them you can get a portion of nutrition your body needs to stay healthy and energetic. Plus it would help to control your calorie and fat intake.

Slim fast diet tips

Slim fast diet asks to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Minimum 30 minutes of physical activity is essential. A sensible dinner should contain around 60 calories. Your total calories a day has to be minimum 1200. As it was mentioned before very low calorie intakes can lower your metabolism so be sure to consume enough of them. A good thing to do is to write the so called food diary where you could always keep a record of all your food eaten. In this case you will really see where you cheat your self and where you can improve. So be honest.

Slim fast diet advantages

The most commonly named advantages are as follows. Slim fast diet is easy to keep on, snacking and loosing weight are compatible, this diet will not cause you a hunger, it already counts all your calories, it is convenient, it doesn’t contain any stimulants or appetite suppressants, it can be proud of the variety of food you can eat which provides you with vitamins, minerals and fiber at the same time.

Disadvantage of slim fast diet

A minus to slim fast diet some nutritionist put for too much sugar in those shakes, expensiveness and low caloric limit as to a long term weight loss diet. On the other hand the results for some participants are just remarkable. One of the studies showed that this diet not only contributes to losing weight but also keep it off for ten years.

The idea of losing weight is as simple as this. 3,500 calories are equal to 1 pound of fat. So in order to lose one pound in a week you need to cut off 500 calories from your daily caloric intake for a week. In addition to this you must be aware of that losing weight is very individual. Depending on many factors some people loose it faster some slower. Please be patient!