Low calorie diet

Low calorie diet requires constant calorie counting and is good no longer than for a week or too. If using longer it can affect your health because low calorie diet is restricted from 800 to 1000 calories a day. It is a frequent choice of those who suffer from obesity and is strictly not recommended for pregnant women, adolescent nor children. The result is 2-3 kilograms a week or in total of 30 kilograms in 12 weeks.

There is no specific food permitted. The content must be of low-calorie. That is to say you are welcome to include steamed broccoli, small potatoes, steamed brown rice, low fat margarine, light salad dressing and other food to your new ration.

Advantage of low calorie diet

The advantage of low calorie diet is that if using it moderately it is the healthiest way for weight lose . Also you get a great variety of foods containing main nutrients. As disadvantages of it can be named temporary weakness, not easy to follow, quick gain of weight again, counting calories also can become frustrating.

Dear dieters, do not trick yourself. Eating smaller portions of the same highly processed, calorie-rich foods may lead to hunger and only temporary lose of weight. As well as such food has pure nutrients and is no good for your health. You can be surprised that by eating nutrients rich products you can lose weight even if it is more food.

Staying on low calorie diet is especially difficult as the body needs to adapt to new regime. So please be aware that first days you will probably feel hunger. You need to live through it. Do not avoid food which is not so easy to digest (whole grain bread, potatoes) and which will keep your stomach full. As it was mentioned low calorie diet needs calorie counting, so please work out them, do not guess because you can be wrong. Find the products you would really enjoy, as it is very important you to be in a good mood while being on a diet.

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