Abdominal exercises

When one speaks about abdominal exercises one is probably thinking of the exercises specifically designed for toning the area between chest and hips. Abdominal is a more general term for tummy muscles, which practically takes a broader area than what we think of a tummy. However, human anatomy is created in a way that it’s very rare when only one group of muscles is working. Therefore if you want to get rid of your belly you will have to exercise your abdominal muscles for the sake of keeping proportions.

Abdominal crunch

Lie down on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Note that this is an abdominal crunch not a sit up, so keep your focus on your abdominal muscles instead of pulling yourself from your arms. Make sure your abdominal muscles are right, neck straight and chest up. Crunch your weight up and forward starting with your breastbone. Keep the lower part of your back flat on the ground throughout the course of the exercise. Lower your weight and stop leaning backwards right before your shoulders touch the ground. Reverse the motion back up. Repeat for 10-12 times, then make a break of about 60 seconds and repeat again.

Reverse abdominal crunch

Lie down on the floor with your legs straight and your hands underneath your bum. Keep your head and the lower part of the back on the ground while pulling your legs up and back to a 90 degrees angle from the floor. Make sure you don’t lock out your knees and stay focused on your abdominal muscles. Lower you legs and stop right before your feet touch the ground. Reverse the motion back up.

The plank

Lie down flat on your stomach and place your hands at either side of your chest with your elbows tuck into your sides (similarly to the position of press-ups.) Keep your back flat all the time while pushing yourself up onto your knees. While doing that your upper part of the body should be off the floor and your hands and knees should act as support. Pull in your belly button as high as possible but try to keep your back flat. Breathe normally and hold the abdominal muscles contracted in this position for 10-60 seconds. Take a short break and repeat the exercise twice.

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