If you have been looking for an exercise program, which would help you to stay well physically and mentally, Pilates is something that is worth a shot. It refreshes you and significantly changes the way you look, feel and perform. Your strength increases and your body looks sleek, toned with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. During the course of pilates exercising you will develop good posture and light, graceful movement. Imagine the change you want and go for it!

What is pilates?

Pilates was developed in the 1920 by the physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates who also founded The New York Pilates Studio. It is the exercise system focuses on stretching, strengthening, and balancing your body. pilates is a sequence of systematic exercises combined with breathing patterns that when performed regularly proves to be very effective fitness program but as physical rehabilitation of various types.

Pilates himself called his method “The Art of Contrology”. The key element of the term is “contrology,” which expresses the main idea of how the method works: through the use of your mind you can control the muscles. This exercise system is designed to improve core postural muscles the main function of which is to help keep body balanced and provide support for the spine. Pilates exercises are extremely effective while teaching awareness of neutral alignment of the spine. Since it helps strengthen the deep postural muscles and spine, it helps alleviate and prevent back pain.

Pilates effectiveness

If practiced regularly and carefully, pilates can be beneficial in a variety of ways. It not only improves your outer looks, but also contributes to your health. It helps to increase lung capacity and improve circulation with the help of deep breathing exercises performed alongside to physical exercises. In addition to strength and flexibility of abdomen and back muscles, it helps to advance your muscular and mental coordination, i.e. posture and balance. Furthermore, your bone density and joint health improves significantly. Pilates  brings some discipline to your life which makes you more orderly and better organized not only in physical activities or health related behavior, but work, family and other spheres of everyday life as well.

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