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How long I will be logged in?

After 15 minutes of inactivity you will be automatically logged out. If you want to be forever logged in, you should check "Remember me" checkbox.

What happen when you check "Remember me" box before logging in?

You’ll be logged in all the time – even if you close browser’s window and come back next day.

Please note that there exists privacy risk. Other people having access to your computer could easily read your private messages after visiting this website as they will be automatically logged in.

How to write private messages to other members?

It’s very simple as using email. Go to your account, choose compose; write the nickname of other member into "to" field.
It’s also easy to send the same message to several recipients by separating them ";" sign.

I’m not sure about my friend’s username and forgot to add to him to my buddy list…

You could simply find your friend’s username by typing first letters of username in the "Find username" input box, which you could find on the right side of compose window.

One of the members keep sending me private messages I don’t want to get.

You could block that user or report to admin by writing private message or by sending e-mail:


Please note that this mini guide will be updated regularly.


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