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Herbalife PDF Print E-mail

Herbalife products are famous food supplements which are highly discussed from the beginning of their distribution. Some praise it for success stories proving that it helps people to lose weight. Others blame it for being not efficient and what is more – for causing heart arrhythmia. All of that and some more things to discuss are right below.

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Herbalife and weight loss PDF Print E-mail

Herbalife is the name for success. Its history began in 1980 and still continues to be popular in the whole wide world. Its distributors are located in sixty different countries. The company’s founder Mark Hughes created the weight management system which is now supplemented also by the whole range products for your well being. So basically Mark Hughes mission to help people lose weight safely and effectively has been completed. Now Herbalife can offer any regular consumer whatever he (she) needs.

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Yoga positions PDF Print E-mail

Yoga positions or the so called Yogasanas are the part of Yoga philosophy. Some use the term exercises which is not absolutely correct. During exercises main thing is to move your muscles while during Yoga positions individuals try to achieve steady pose.

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Yoga PDF Print E-mail

Some call it philosophy, some just a fitness program, for others it is whole religion. And all of the descriptions contain one name-Yoga. For full understanding of the conception of Yoga you would really need to spend time for that: attend classes, listen and try to feel it on your body and soul. Yoga first of all teaches how to find a harmony in yourself and make body and the mind a unit.

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Slim fast diet PDF Print E-mail

slim fast diet shakeSlim fast diet is a subject to hot discussions. Some blame it, some praise it. Probably the best thing to do is to try your self and look if it works. Here would be provided basic information like what is the basis of this diet, main components and their combinations, some positive and negative nutritionists opinions.

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Popular calorie diets PDF Print E-mail

There are some popular calorie diets , which women choose to reach the desirable weight. Let's review each of them.

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Low calorie diet PDF Print E-mail

low calorie dietLow calorie diet requires constant calorie counting and is good no longer than for a week or too. If using longer it can affect your health because low calorie diet is restricted from 800 to 1000 calories a day. It is a frequent choice of those who suffer from obesity and is strictly not recommended for pregnant women, adolescent nor children. The result is 2-3 kilograms a week or in total of 30 kilograms in 12 weeks.

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Calorie diet PDF Print E-mail

calorie dietThere exist many diets which are great help for those who decided to lose weight. One of such is calorie diet . As it is obvious from its name, calorie diet is based on certain amount of calories you can consume during a day. It includes a thorough work: calorie counting. The rule is simple: eat less calories than your body needs or in other words than you burn and you will start to lose your weight. Of course it is not so simple as it seems from the first sight. It will require a lot of will and strengths and probably the advice of nutritionist, because the diet, which suits to one individual, can be completely in no use for another person.

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Abdominal exercises PDF Print E-mail

abdominal exercisesWhen one speaks about abdominal exercises one is probably thinking of the exercises specifically designed for toning the area between chest and hips. Abdominal is a more general term for tummy muscles, which practically takes a broader area than what we think of a tummy. However, human anatomy is created in a way that it’s very rare when only one group of muscles is working. Therefore if you want to get rid of your belly you will have to exercise your abdominal muscles for the sake of keeping proportions.

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Cholesterol diet PDF Print E-mail

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in bloodstream and in all cells of the body. It is produced by liver and performs a number of vital functions, e.g. it helps to form cell membranes and some hormones. However, too much cholesterol in one’s blood can result in coronary heart disease, which eventually leads to a heart attack.

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